A community
focused on faith.

Who we are

Loretto is a Charismatic Catholic Movement, founded in Austria in 1987.  The Loretto community serves the Catholic Church and is accredited by the Austrian Episcopal Conference with Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn as patron and friend of the community. The Loretto community has been active in London since 2019 with roughly 45 active members and many more involved. The Loretto HOME, a residential house situated in Twickenham, is a place of community, formation, encounter, hospitality, prayer and service. The only way to really get to know us is to come along! We’d love to welcome you, either at our weekly worship night or at the HOME in Twickenham.


Our mission is to bring light and hope to the local community and Church by creating welcoming spaces where people can encounter God, deepen their relationship with Him, and experience a sense of belonging. We do this through prayer, service, and community in order to make a real and lasting impact in God’s Church and society.

The Team

At Loretto we are so privileged to have such large and incredible team making everything happen!
While this isn't the entire team, these are the area heads and points of contact if you would like to get involved.

Wolfgang & Elisa

Loretto UK Leaders

Hi, I am Wolfgang and I am leading Loretto in the UK together with my wife Elisa. Having been part of Loretto since the 90s, my heart has always been to bring Loretto to new places. I love to see how, through real friendship, we can support each other to impact the Church and transform society with a variety of projects and initiatives. My hope for Loretto is to serve the Church through discipleship, prayer, and community and to become a “spiritual home” for many. Before coming to London in 2019 we lived in Munich and started Loretto in Germany several years ago.

Hi, I am Elisa and I am leading the Loretto London team together with Wolfgang. I am passionate about encouraging and supporting young leaders to grow and unlock their full potential and God's purpose for their lives. Our hope for Loretto is to be a place of encounter where Christians could be strengthened in their faith, grow in their talents, and live a full life. My vision is to see more serving out of joy in whatever we do and be a visible testimony of the Gospel through our lives. Besides working for Loretto, I am also a business consultant and leadership coach, a wife and mother of Julia & Isabelle. Originally from Italy, I love good wine and coffee.

Peter Asprey

Prayer and Formation

Hi I’m Peter and I am in charge of Prayer and Spirituality at St Elizabeth’s. I am currently working a day a week for the Loretto Community giving formation in prayer, running house prayer evenings and offering mentoring to members of the HOME. I have been passionate about helping people come to know the Lord more intimately ever since my encounter with the Holy Spirit in my early 20’s. I long to aid others in that encounter, whilst helping them to go deeper in the contemplative and sacramental life. I love good sport, good wine, good music and good friendships.

Daniel Hume


Hello, I'm Daniel and I lead the Welcome Team for Loretto London. Jesus tells us we should welcome strangers and so my passion is that anyone who comes through our doors, in person or online, will feel invited to be part of a loving, joyful family as they are greeted by our wonderful team.

Georgia Clarke


Hi! I’m Director of Youth Ministry at St Elizabeth of Portugal in Richmond and I’m also part of the Loretto UK team! I have a big heart for bringing young people to an encounter with Christ through authenticity.

Aaron Britton


Hey! I work as the digital content manager for Alpha Ireland while studying Theology and History at St. Mary’s University. I have a passion for creative media like Photography and Graphic Design and love being able to use them within my role at Loretto.

JJ Hussem

HOME Mission Base

Hi! I'm JJ and I'm heading up the Loretto HOME Mission Base in Twickenham. I'm reminded of Isaiah 43:19 where the Lord tells us He is doing something new, and He wants us to track the Holy Spirit. His invitation requires a response and that is what we are trying to be docile to here at Loretto in the new evangelisation in Europe's biggest city!

Tara Hennessy & Jo Grennan


Hi! I’m Tara, and I’ve been a part of the Loretto Worship Team since Loretto’s inception at St Elizabeth’s. I grew up seeing my family bring people together through music, and I know the power of encountering God in worship. I’m humbled and excited to lead others to greater intimacy with Jesus through worship.

Hi I’m Joanna, I’m a musician and I currently work at a university in London facilitating a Christian community house on campus. Art has a profound impact on my faith and my life, but music in particular is one of the most powerful ways that I communicate with God. I feel called to use this gift to encourage and lead others into worship and I am open to the ways that God is asking me to do that.

Molly Bayliss-Conway

Communications and Projects

Hi! I am the Pastoral and Communications Project Assistant for Loretto UK and I also work with the Chaplaincy team at St Mary’s University.  I’m passionate about helping people understand themselves and making connections with others through vulnerability, integrity and prayer.

Naoise Grenham

HOME Helps

Hello, I'm working to establish Loretto Helps to minister to our homeless neighbours across Richmond and Twickenham. Spending time with the homeless in prayer, charity, and fraternity has been a passion of mine since university, and I hope to spark similar initiatives here. You are very welcome to get involved and support our work through prayer, time, or resources, and know that even the smallest donation of a smile can help to relieve the burdens faced by those living on our streets.

Izzy Rettke-Grover

Evangelisation and Mission

Hi, I am Izzy and I'm starting to build up evangelism and mission for Loretto London. I absolutely love seeing people come to know Jesus and people growing in their relationship with Him. Both of which I believe we can't do without being deeply rooted in prayer and scripture. I also love meeting new people and building deep friendships. If you'd like to get involved with mission and evangelism at Loretto, do get in touch!