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We have been so grateful to see Loretto growing in London, and to be growing closer each day to achieving our mission of seeing a generation of young leaders raising up that will transform Church and society.

For this to be possible, it requires a huge amount of generosity of peoples time, skills, money and aid. As a charity we rely on the generosity of our partners that support our mission through as Mission Partners. Your generosity enables us to create more welcoming spaces where people can encounter God, grow in discipleship and be strengthened in their leadership.

What is Mission Partner Development?

MPD is a lifestyle, based on the biblical principles of work, giving and tithing, which allows missionaries to live a lifestyle which is totally reliant on providence. Through individual mission partners, each of our missionaries have set out to build partnerships based on prayer, fellowship and mutual generosity.

Deciding to become a mission partner means committing to keep in touch, pray and support a missionary, through prayer and regular giving. We're so grateful for each individual partnership, and want to return the favour by praying for mission partners on a regular basis and committing time to building relationship and taking their feedback into account.  

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Our vision is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a new fire in the Catholic Church. We dream of a generation of young leaders giving their YES as follower of Jesus to follow God’s plans for their lives and to transform Church and Society.

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