Pentecost Festival

In a nutshell...

We dream of a generation of young leaders that will transform the church and society. Join us for a powerful time of worship, inspirational talks on leadership and listening to the Holy Spirit. During this conference we invite you on a journey to be set on fire by the Holy Spirit and be equipped and inspired by other leaders through a series of talks, workshops and panel discussions.

26th-28th May 2023


Thank you to the P22 Keynote Speakers


Throughout the Pentecost Festival we have practical and engaging workshops delivered by engaging focused on equipping young leaders in their areas of Christian leadership. Workshop hosts and topics will be announced in due course.

Leadership Panel

On Friday 3rd, we will hosted a live leadership panel called “God @ Work” which contained leaders from across the world of business, Church and non-profit sharing what it means to be an authentic christian leader in your sphere of influence. This was so well received that will likely keep this next time, so look out for the next Pentecost Festival!

Pentecost Festival P23

Tickets for P23 are not available just yet but we were so delighted to have been able to welcome speakers from the worlds of business, non-profit and  Church to share with us what it means to be an authentic leader in our spheres of influence. Let's hope our next conference is filled with the Holy Spirit and leadership inspiring as P22!

Pentecost Festival isn't just in the uk. It's around the world! Check out the global website below.

Photo of Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow OBE is the founder and Global CEO of the charity Mary’s Meals, a non-profit organisation that provides life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every school day. Mary’s Meals is now feeding more than 2 million children across 19 countries. Magnus has received numerous awards for his charitable work, (including CNN’s ‘Top Ten Heroes’ and Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People) and has written two books. Magnus will be speaking to us about finding our own unique purpose and radically following God’s will.

Photo of Pete Wynter

Pete is the Director of Leadership College London and Founding Director at Onelife Leaders, a charitable company dedicated to the development of young leaders in all spheres of society across the United Kingdom. Pete is also the Vicar of St Pauls in Hammersmith and is passionate about mobilizing local churches to engage in justice and righteousness, and is a board member of Tearfund. Pete will be focusing on what it means to be a leader in today's society.

Photo of Bernadette Lang

Bernadette or ‘Berna’ is a co-founder of the Loretto HOME Missionbase in Salzburg and is the leader of the HOME Academy which offers various discipleship promgrammes to help young people discover God’s dream for their life and grow in their talents, skills, and charisms. Bernadette is also a theologian and author. It is a privilege to have Berna join us from Austria and she will be speaking about being ‘sent out’ and leading us in a time of prayer.