Discipling young Leaders.

As part of our mission at Loretto we aim to create welcoming spaces where people can encounter God and deepen their relationship with Him, grow in their talents and identity and develop their leadership as they follow God's dream for their lives.

We believe that EVERY CALLING MATTERS and that each one has a purpose within God’s dream. Calling is what God made you to do and how you are hand wired by God. Following our calling is part of our journey to Holiness but it is hard to journey on our own.

Through the HOME Academy we want to offer an
opportunity for development and growth for young Catholics and strengthen them in their mission and purpose, either within the Church or in a secular job.

Our hope is also to create a community around you to support you in the challenges you are facing in fulfilling your mission. The HOME Academy offers formation and coaching around 4 different pillars: Prayer & Spirituality, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Mission.

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